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Which IV Nutrition Treatment is Best for You?

JUST Rejuvenator

After a fun-filled event with drinking, you may require rejuvenation and revitalization. Our Hangover Helper cocktail include fluids filled with electrolytes, vitamins and minerals that will quickly combat hangover symptoms by flushing toxins from the body and restores nutrients lost leaving you renewed and refreshed.

JUST Relief

Studies indicate that dehydration is a common migraine trigger. Our pain support blend include electrolyte balanced IV fluid with vitamins and minerals such as magnesium which targets the cause of your migraine therefore decrease length and frequency of migraine episodes while lowering fatigue and stress levels.


Do you have brittle hair and easily cracked fingernails, dry skin, wrinkles and other signs of premature aging? Dehydration may be the culprit and intravenous hydration may be the solution. JUSTGlow can be your answer; an infusion blend that includes a combination of BIOTIN and other vitamins known to promote inner glow for the skin as well as strengthen hair and nails. Other benefits of biotin include lowering cholesterol and improve metabolism.


Dehydration contributes to Fatigue, Irritability, Foggy Memory, Generalized Weakness and much more. Dehydration occurs when your body does not have enough water to function at optimal level. Our HydratePLUS blend provides electrolytes which are essential to the proper function of muscles, the pH balance of your blood, hydrating skin, improving skin and not to mention providing support for clients who require chemotherapy.

LipoBurn Plus

Struggling to lose weight? Our weight loss support includes the lipostat injection with a specially formulated blend of vitamins and lipotropic design to burn fat, increase metabolism and boost your weight loss. Treatment is tailored, effective and positive outcome.

IMMUNE Boost Plus

Even our bodies’ natural fighting power gets beat down with our daily activities. Boosting the immune system is necessary to combat the fight against colds, flus and other viruses such as COVID-19. We infuse high dose Vitamin C, Zinc and other minerals along with an Electrolyte Balanced fluid to boost the immune system and provide a stronger immune defense mechanism.

JUST Charge

Need an extra “jolt” of energy to get up and go? Try our JUSTCharge energy booster, a combination of electrolyte balanced IV fluid and high dose Vitamin B12 and Amino acids to combat the feeling of fatigue due to low energy levels. Other vitamins may be added to optimize the outcome.

JUST COMPLETE Myer’s Cocktail

This uniquely blended multivitamin infusion pioneered by the late Dr. John Myers includes a wide range of vitamins, minerals, elements etc. to achieve concentration not obtainable through oral options. Studies suggest weekly Myers Cocktail infusion can be effective against illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, allergies, chronic depression/anxiety disorders and much more.


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What Customers Say

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